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Pragmatic Portraits Masterclass 2.0 (New and extended version) – English

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Learn to sketch simple portraits –
for sketchnoting, graphic recording, UX storyboarding or just for fun.

This is a fully updated and extended version of the original Pragmatic Portraits Masterclass. If you bought the original course and would like to upgrade, get in touch for a personalised discount.  

  • Are you a sketchnoter or graphic recorder, but you are always nervous about drawing the speaker because he or she might turn out ‘ugly’ in your drawing?
  • Do you often feel like apologising to the people you drew that the portrait isn’t good?
  • Or maybe you avoid drawing faces altogether?
  • Have you tried getting better at drawing simple portraits but gave up practicing again because you don’t know where to start and what to focus on when capturing likeness in a face?

Then the Pragmatic Portraits Masterclass is the perfect way to turn this situation around.

After practicing together, you will see faces like you never did before.

⚠️ Warning: you might catch yourself involuntarily staring at people’s faces studying the shape of their upper lip in fascination 🤯 😂.

Equipped with a clear and structured approach for observing faces and translating what you see into simple shapes on your paper, you’ll go from dreading to enjoying the practice of drawing portraits. And you’ll see your progress straight away, comparing your drawings from class with previous attempts.

Topics we’ll address during the class are

  • Understanding the general structure and proportions of the face
  • Observing, simplifying and drawing facial features, hairstyles, and special attributes to capture likeness.
  • The anatomical structure of eyes, nose and mouth and how to translate those into a believable drawing.
  • Sketching at different levels of fidelity and how fidelity influences likeness
  • How to use digital tracing without the portrait looking traced

Who is this masterclass & practice session for?

This class will be right for you if

  • You do sketchnotes or graphic recordings and you struggle with sketching simple but nice portraits of speakers
  • You want to sketch believable simple portraits for your UX personas or UX storyboards
  • You just want to improve your sketching skills and have fun with drawing little portraits of your friends and family

Just have a look at the example pictures to get an idea about the type of portraits we are aiming for :)

What do you get?

Here’s the full list of materials you will get access to:

  • 24 video lessons (over 5 hours of running time) teaching you how to draw simple but believable portraits
  • PDFs with all drawings from the Masterclass
  • Practice prompts to keep practicing
  • A list of links and resources on the topic
  • Bonus 1: Recording of a previous live practice session (2 hours class video)
  • Bonus 2: 30 mins Q&A video answering open questions from the masterclass

After signing up, you will get immediate access to Masterclass course space that contains all materials and videos.

You will have access to the course space for at least 3 years from purchase.
(I will provide access to the course for as long as I offer courses– which is hopefully longer than 3 years– but I will guarantee access for at least 3 years from the date of purchase).

Once you bought the class, you will get a separate email to create an account on my course system. It can take a few minutes for you to receive the access information after buying the class.

Please also check your SPAM folder. If you haven't received any email within an hour after purchasing, please send me a message so I can fix the problem and get the information to you

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