Draw your Yoga-Avatar – Printable PDF (English) - Eva-Lotta's Shop
Draw your Yoga-Avatar – Printable PDF (English) - Eva-Lotta's Shop
Draw your Yoga-Avatar – Printable PDF (English) - Eva-Lotta's Shop
Draw your Yoga-Avatar – Printable PDF (English) - Eva-Lotta's Shop
Draw your Yoga-Avatar – Printable PDF (English) - Eva-Lotta's Shop
Draw your Yoga-Avatar – Printable PDF (English) - Eva-Lotta's Shop

Draw your Yoga-Avatar – Printable PDF (English)

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Learn to draw friendly yoga avatars for yourself and all your yoga friends – both as simplified stick figures as well as full figure drawings

This printable PDF shows you a simple step-by-step approach for drawing a fun and friendly yoga-selfie. Draw yourself and your yoga friends in your favourite postures – as a nice personalised gift for your favourite teacher, as your profile picture on social media, or just for fun. Because drawing – a bit like yoga – is an enjoyable, fun, and calming practice.

And even if you think you can’t draw, this guide is still for you, as it will show you all the ingredients you need to start playing with pen on paper.

Draw a face in just a few steps. All the details that make it look like you – different shapes for eyes, noses, mouths, lots of different hairstyles, hats, clothing, and accessories to choose from – are all clearly laid out for you to copy and remix into your own little yoga avatar. And if you want to go step further, you’ll also find instructions for turning your stick figures into full figure drawings.

Finally, to give you lots of inspiration to draw from, I created example portraits of over 150 real yogi*nis from the Yoganotes community who volunteered to be in the book.

Join in, start drawing, like 1000s of other yogi*nis who learned to draw simple yoga stick figures with the Yoganotes book, and make your stick figures personal and individual. I can’t wait to see what you’ll make!

So what exactly is included?

The PDF contains:

  • Step-by-step instructions
    • How to draw a stick figure avatar
    • How to develop your stick figure into a full figure drawing

  • Dozens of pages with parts to mix and match for your own avatar
    • eyes, noses, mouth and ear shapes
    • Lots of different hairstyles and hats (long, short, braided, straight, curly, tame, wild, you name it...) from 3 perspectives (frontal, semi profile and profile)
    • Many pieces of clothing and accessories (like beards, glasses, scarves and necklaces) to personalise your avatar

  • Over 150 example drawings of real yogi*nis
    • head-and-body portraits
    • Step-by-step examples from photo to stick-figure avatar
    • Stick-figure and full-figure avatars

  • Printable blank templates for your own practice
    • 15 individual yoga poses and 5 partner yoga poses as stick figures to use as a basis for your avatar
    • Blank head and body templates to practice drawing your own hairstyles and clothes


    This printable is available under a personal license and a professional license.

    If you just want to use the material just for your personal practice, you should get a personal license.

    If you are a trainer, coach or facilitator and would like to use the material as practice material or handouts in your workshops, you should get a professional license.

    For details about the different licenses and what you can and cannot do under each license, please view our Terms of Use.

    If you are interested in using the illustrations (in their original version or as a re-drawn copy by you) for additional purposes, please get in touch to talk about a commercial license.


    50 pages

    High-resolution PDF, 15.5 MB

    Ideal for viewing on your tablet, phone or desktop computer. 
    PDFs are optimised for self-printing up to A4 format.

    Von diesem PDF gibt es auch eine deutsche Version


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