Yoganotes Practice Sessions – Video classes (English) - Eva-Lotta's Shop
Yoganotes Practice Sessions – Video classes (English) - Eva-Lotta's Shop
Yoganotes Practice Sessions – Video classes (English) - Eva-Lotta's Shop
Yoganotes Practice Sessions – Video classes (English) - Eva-Lotta's Shop
Yoganotes Practice Sessions – Video classes (English) - Eva-Lotta's Shop
Yoganotes Practice Sessions – Video classes (English) - Eva-Lotta's Shop

Yoganotes Practice Sessions – Video classes (English)

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Practice drawing yoga sequences with simple stick figures

You want to get better, faster and more confident at sketching your yoga sequences, but…

  • you don’t regularly find the time to practice?
  • you would like a bit more guidance in your sketching practice?
  • there are some details or particular yoga styles that you need sketching help with?

Sketching is a lot like yoga: it is a practice. Learning the basics and the theory is only the first step, but to get into the habit, to get confident and fluent, regular practice is key. Sometimes it’s hard to make the time, find the motivation or know exactly what and how to practice when you are on your own.

A series of 10 guided practice sessions

That’s why I designed a series of 10 video classes where we sketch a yoga flow together. I break down a whole sequence for you bit by bit, sketch the different postures and transitions, you can sketch along and and we will end up with a visual overview of the sequence that you can use for your home practice or as a starting point for sketching your own flows.

In each video, we use a specially selected yoga video from YouTube with a particular topic and sketch the sequence together step-by-step. Over the course of the 10 videos we cover a variety of styles, poses and the use of different props.

You can purchase the whole series or individual classes (scroll down for the list of individual classes). 

Have a little peak into what the sketching sessions look like:  

The 10 topics of the classes

If you would like to buy an individual class, please use the 'Add to cart' buttons below

01: Vinyasa flow sequence

02: Yoga sequence with blocks

03: Deep Stretch sequence

04: Chair Yoga sequence

05: Jivamukti Spiritual warrior sequence

06: Yoga sequence with straps

07: Yin Yoga sequence

08: Handstand practice

09: Hot Yoga sequence

10: Acro Yoga sequence


Here’s what some previous participants have to say about the practice sessions:

“It is so much fun to practice with you. It’s encouraging to do these faster sketches. I enjoy the didactic structure you use to introduce us to the different possibilities. Thank you!”
– Christiane

“This was a great workshop, I feel like I got a lot of value out of it. I am a big fan - Yoganotes is such an obvious fit for anyone studying a YTT or practitioner. We are constantly encouraged to reflect on our classes, I wouldn't know how to do that without Yoganotes: so, big thank you!“
– Rosa 

“I am loving your online workshops... a great break from the craziness of the world! So thank you so much!”
– Sarah

“Your workshop was fantastic. Clear. Easy to follow. With great instruction before, during, and after to be able to easily engage with the material. Yay! Thank you.
– Brittiney

“Thanks to the clear instructions of Eva-Lotta I am now able to sketch myself far better and this offers a perfect base for my yoga teaching.”
– Jantien

Who are the practice sessions for?

These practice sessions are for all yogi*nis who would like to practice and gain more confidence sketching yoga sequences with simple stick figures. Drawing your own visual overviews is a great way to plan your home practice, design your yoga classes or take notes during yoga teacher training.

What's included?

  • 10 video classes (around 90-120 mins each) of
  • 10 different sequences in
  • 10 different yoga styles or focus topics
  • Access to the videos for 12 months


  • Photo documentation of all sketches from each session as a PDF
    (to download and to keep)


  • A visual summary of each flow we sketched (PDF), ready to print out and practice from
    (to download and to keep)

What do you need to participate?

To watch the video lessons, you need a computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

To follow along with the sketching, you’ll just need some simple stationary items:

  • lined paper or notebook (but blank paper works as well)
  • a black pen (that you enjoy writing with)
  • a pen in a different colour (green, red, orange, blue, whatever you have or like).

But what about the basics? I can’t draw!

In the practice sessions we won’t cover the very basic principles of Yoganotes sketching in detail but we will sketch a specific sequence together step-by-step in each session. You can still join the practice and sketch along even if you haven’t sketched yoga sequences before. If you would like to get some foundations of the sketching technique first (or in parallel) though, I recommend doing the

Yoganotes Online Workshop (if you like to learn through videos) or getting the Yoganotes book (PDF or printed version) that covers all the basics.

Once you buy the workshop, you will get a separate email to create an account on my course system. It can take a few minutes for you to receive the access information after buying the course. Please also check your SPAM folder. If you haven't received any email within an hour after purchasing, please send me a message so I can fix the problem and get the information to you.

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