2020, Fuck Yeah – Illustrated weekly calendar
2020, Fuck Yeah – Illustrated weekly calendar
2020, Fuck Yeah – Illustrated weekly calendar

2020, Fuck Yeah – Illustrated weekly calendar

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Welcome 2020 with a loud and clear 'Fuck Yeah!' and move through the year with a fresh illustration every week.

The lovely Schlogger from Hamburg has gathered 64 marvellous (comic) artists who all contributed one illustration to make your 2020 fun and colourful. I am honoured to be amongst this illustrious group this year and drew a little bunny pattern for easter week. There is a huge variety of styles and subjects in this collection and it will be lovely to discover a new illustrator each week. 

The calendar is spiral-bound with a nook to hang it on your studio / kitchen / bedroom / [insert your favourite room] wall. The names of the months and weekdays are in German, but the language of illustration is universal :)


28 pages
Size: A5 (21 x 14.8 cm / 8.3 x 5.8 in)

Please note: I only have a limited number of these, so order the calendar now before it's sold out :)


Contributing artists:

Schlogger  (Idea, layout, introduction & organisation)
Susann Hoffmann (Cover)

The ones featured in my little collage
(in order of appearance from the top left):

Johanna Zab
Irina Zinner
Angela Wittchen
Merle Goll
Sabine Mielke
Rino Pelli
Kaja Reinki
Eva Stöcker & Olga Andriyenko

And the rest of the lovely bunch:
Ralf Marczinczik
Lisa Frühbeis
Bille Weidenbach
Yi Luo
Katharina Netolitzky
Karoline Jakubik
Manuel Kilger
Katrin Felder & Seb Kempke
Sabine Kekskind
Sarah Stowasser
Carola Sie
Eva-Lotta Lamm
Jo Lott & Beetlebum
Karina Rehbehn
Christian Effenberger
Lisa Rau
Tatjana Thüring
Michael Hacker
David Füleki
Tim Gaedke
Maik Eisermann & Said Omar
Peter Brockhammer & Effi Lerch
Adrian vom Baur
Stephan Baumgarten & Olga Hopfauf
Ulf Salzmann
Reneah art
Sascha Gallion
Veronika Gruhl
Rohana Mentz
Maren Collet
Friederike Ablang & Anna Süßbauer
Adroth & Shin
Karoline Pietrowski
Julia He
Vera Rehaag
Nina Schumann
Bente Theuvsen
Lisa Tegtmeier
Jerry Drave

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