2020, Fuck Yeah – Illustrated weekly calendar (Pre-order)
2020, Fuck Yeah – Illustrated weekly calendar (Pre-order)
2020, Fuck Yeah – Illustrated weekly calendar (Pre-order)

2020, Fuck Yeah – Illustrated weekly calendar (Pre-order)

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Please note: This is a pre-order. The calendar will be delivered by the end of October.

Welcome 2020 with a loud and clear 'Fuck Yeah!' and move through the year with a fresh illustration every week.

The lovely Schlogger from Hamburg has gathered 64 marvellous (comic) artists who all contributed one illustration to make your 2020 fun and colourful. I am honoured to be amongst this illustrious group this year and drew a little bunny pattern for easter week. There is a huge variety of styles and subjects in this collection and it will be lovely to discover a new illustrator each week. 

The calendar is spiral-bound with a nook to hang it on your studio / kitchen / bedroom / [insert your favourite room] wall. The names of the months and weekdays are in German, but the language of illustration is universal :)


28 pages
Size: A5 (21 x 14.8 cm / 8.3 x 5.8 in)

Please note: I'll only have a limited number of these, so pre-order the calendar now. It will be delivered by the end of October. If you order other items together with the calendar, they will all be shipped together when the calendar is ready.


Contributing artists:

Schlogger  (Idea, layout, introduction & organisation)
Susann Hoffmann (Cover)

The ones featured in my little collage
(in order of appearance from the top left):

Johanna Zab
Irina Zinner
Angela Wittchen
Merle Goll
Sabine Mielke
Rino Pelli
Kaja Reinki
Eva Stöcker & Olga Andriyenko

And the rest of the lovely bunch:
Ralf Marczinczik
Lisa Frühbeis
Bille Weidenbach
Yi Luo
Katharina Netolitzky
Karoline Jakubik
Manuel Kilger
Katrin Felder & Seb Kempke
Sabine Kekskind
Sarah Stowasser
Carola Sie
Eva-Lotta Lamm
Jo Lott & Beetlebum
Karina Rehbehn
Christian Effenberger
Lisa Rau
Tatjana Thüring
Michael Hacker
David Füleki
Tim Gaedke
Maik Eisermann & Said Omar
Peter Brockhammer & Effi Lerch
Adrian vom Baur
Stephan Baumgarten & Olga Hopfauf
Ulf Salzmann
Reneah art
Sascha Gallion
Veronika Gruhl
Rohana Mentz
Maren Collet
Friederike Ablang & Anna Süßbauer
Adroth & Shin
Karoline Pietrowski
Julia He
Vera Rehaag
Nina Schumann
Bente Theuvsen
Lisa Tegtmeier
Jerry Drave

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