Illustrated Sanskrit Words – Printable PDF
Illustrated Sanskrit Words – Printable PDF
Illustrated Sanskrit Words – Printable PDF
Illustrated Sanskrit Words – Printable PDF
Illustrated Sanskrit Words – Printable PDF
Illustrated Sanskrit Words – Printable PDF

Illustrated Sanskrit Words – Printable PDF

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A set of illustrated charts presenting 77 key Sanskrit words to understand yoga asana names

  • Do you practice yoga but you find it hard to learn the Sanskrit terms for the yoga postures?
  • Do you struggle with remembering long Asana names like Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana?
  • Are you curious what the Sanskrit names actually mean?
  • Are you teaching yoga and are looking for a friendly and accessible way to introduce your students to the Sanskrit terms?

When I started practicing yoga, I struggled to remember the posture names in Sanskrit. Especially the long ones all sounded so complicated and similar to each other.

The turning point for me was when I learnt the key Sanskrit words the asana names are made of and started to understand the underlying logic.

The names for yoga postures are built from individual words, most of them relating to the human body, to objects or animals. Once you know the key Sanskrit terms used to describe the asanas, it starts to get easy to break down and remember the posture names – even the long and complicated ones.

To help Yogi(ni)s around the world, I created 3 beautifully illustrated charts that present 77 key Sanskrit words you need to understand the names of almost any yoga posture.

The words are divided into three groups: Body-related terms, objects and animals.

Each group is presented as a separate chart that you can print in full colour (to hang in your practice space or keep in your notebook), in black and white (to colour in yourself) or as a work sheet (to study and fill out the translations yourself).

These printables are great for your personal study as well as for yoga teachers to use as course material in workshops or teacher trainings.

What’s included?

You will get a high resolution printable PDF file, containing 3 illustrated charts (body-related terms, objects, animals) in 6 versions per chart:

  • Full illustration – in 3 colours (orange, pink, grey)
    Print it on A3 or A4 paper, hang it on your studio wall as a beautiful decoration or keep it in your notebook to study on the go.
  • Black & white version – Sanskrit and English words
    Print the black & white version and colour it in as you like.
  • Black & white version –  Sanskrit words only
    Add the translations yourself in your own language.
  • Black & white version – No words
    Test how many Sanskrit words you can remember by filling in the blank version.
  • List of 77 Sanskrit terms
    with translations into English, German, French and Spanish

Who are these printables for?

Yoga practitioners

Use the illustrations for your own studies. Print the full colour version as decoration for your practice room. The personal license is right for you.

Yoga teachers

Use the illustrations as worksheets for your students in your workshops or yoga teacher training courses. You should get a professional license.


22 pages (+ introduction)

High-resolution PDF, 80.5 MB

Optimised for self-printing up to A3 format.
Also ideal for viewing on your tablet, phone or desktop computer. 

This printable file is available under a personal license and a professional license. For details about the different licenses and what you can and cannot do under each license, please view our Terms of Use.

If you are interested in using the illustrations for additional purposes, please get in touch to talk about a commercial license.


Von diesem PDF gibt es auch eine deutsche Version

Este PDF también está disponible en español.


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