The minute we laid eyes on the Sporting-Sail we were sold: finally a personal sail that we could throw in a pack, and unfurl when the four winds blow and the spirit moves us. This imaginative invention out of Ventura, California has a multitude of applications: we like it best for just catching wind, but it can also be put to the test on water, with skis or askateboard. Just fasten the straps, and use the sail to manage your speed, stability (and style!).

Developed by Sporting-Sails in collaboration with a U.S. parachute manufacturer, the Sporting-Sail is made from a 1.15oz nylon rip-stop, dual-silicone soar coat finish, double stitched seams, reinforced with a recycled polyester ribbon and triple faced fabric at high stress points, and an ultra-bright reflective tape on leg straps. Weighs a mere 8 oz. and comes with a handy drawstring pouch. More specification

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